Welcome to the New SWMS!

We've long joked, "Nothing says 2006 quite like the design of the SWMS web site." Well, no more joking. We proudly introduce our new-and-improved home on the web. We've kept our basic colors -- teal and gold. But there's so much that's new. Here's the cheat sheet.

Targets: Cloud Reporters

This is a living list... who are we missing? Most cloud reporters work at trades or are blogging indie analysts. Occasionally, cloud stories appear in business media but cloud is now so prevalent that it's no longer a story in itself.

Targets: Small Business (SMB)

Small business makes up most of US business. Yet there's such a small amount of media specifically dedicated to it. That's why knowing who the specialists are is so important. Here's a living document on who's who and how to reach them. No fancy formatting: send us what you know and we'll build a shared doc together.

Targets: Freelance Tech Writers

Looking for a journalist available to take assignments from tech vendors? Below we've culled a list freelancing IT journalists. This list is old and hurting, actually -- but we'll be refining it regularly. If you have any to add or would like to be included in this list please let us know.

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Tech Edit Spotlight: Ars Technica

Somehow, after 16 years of success, Ars Technica still may not leap to mind as one of the world's top tech web sites. But that's what it is. But that's what it is. According to Ars co-founder and EIC Ken Fisher, Ars has been averaging 11 million unique visitors and roughly 50 million page views each month.

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