Research: Three Landscapes, One Pitch Path to Successful Narratives

SWMS subscribers this year have told us two things loudly and clearly: they're having trouble pitching narratives and they're struggling to place contributed content. This week we explore something that's best done before building your story lines: it's understanding the three landscapes in which narratives shed light and bring value.

Diginomica's Differentiated, Global View


You won't see anything about Heartbleed this week on Diginomica. Unlike most IT sites, it doesn't blow with the wind. Diginomica instead operates as a user-focused consultancy that knows what it knows and sticks to that. While it does have tech sections on cloud, analytics and mobile , it packages its business coverage...

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Profile: Vauhini Vara,

Many in PR rejoiced when Vauhini Vara arrived last summer to edit the business blog -- Currency -- at the New Yorker. Having spent years covering tech for the Wall Street Journal in San Francisco, Vauhini understood Silicon Valley startups and culture better than most reporters -- and definitely more than the folks back east at the New Yorker. 

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